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We believe in healthy and beautiful skin naturally. 

We are a young Irish start up company based in Dublin that sells organic skin care products. Our main goal is to help our customers to have a healthy and beautiful skin from head to toe. Our organic skin care product range includes solutions for all skin types, from babies to teenagers, adults and grandparents, all ages, every member of the family.

All our products are made of the finest natural and certified organic ingredients. What we add to our products is nothing but incredible essential oils and healing herbal extracts.

By constantly developing new recipes, we are able to keep pace with the latest international trends in natural cosmetics in order to bring you the best possible solution for any skin type.


The vast majority of our organic cosmetics contain over 90% herbal ingredients from organic farms, while the proportion of the bathing products range over 70% of ecological content. Beyond the control of the herbal ingredients from organic farms, the certification keeps a close eye on the production technology considering herbal ingredients, conformity of the producing lab, receipts, quality and packaging of the finished products.

We have developed over 240 organic cosmetics and have had them certified by BIOKONTROLL Hungária Nonprofit Ltd under tight control.

A number of our organic products which contain biodynamic ingredients received the certificate by DEMETER International e.V.

These products are currently in the highest level of health security product category and they are highlighted with the DEMETER logo on the front side of their packaging.

We have already introduced 38 different biodynamic cosmetic products in the international market and received the Demeter certificate for them.

To ensure the strict quality controls of the ingredients from organic and biodynamic farms, we are in tight contact and long-term cooperation with many outstanding producers of herbal ingredients of excellent quality and with devoted organic farmers who care about environmental friendly farming and live and work accordingly.


We produce natural, organic and Demeter-quality products using only carefully selected ingredients by applying environmental friendly technologies at a manufacturing site of over 1,200 m2. Furthermore, we pay attention to the packaging materials as well; they have to be as environmental friendly as possible in order to protect our environment, preserve clean air and water, last but not least to maintain the soil’s productivity. During production we concentrate on environmental management. In our production hall we apply environmentally friendly disinfection and cleaning detergents.

Taking the latest research developments in traditional medical herbs, plants and dermatology into account, our company supplies products to beautify our business partners and their salon guests in a healthy and natural way. The majority of the applied herbal ingredients originate from certified organic farms, which in case of our organic cosmetics are certified by either Biokontroll Hungária Nonprofit Ltd (HU-ÖKO-01), or ECOCERT or DEMETER International e.V. We also regularly check our herbal ingredient suppliers on the spot since the herbs, fruits and oils applied in Biola products need to comply with the the regulations as well as with the environmentally friendly technologies.

It is recommended to make a patch test on the inner side of the wrist before using our products. Natural ingredients like beeswax, royal jelly, salicylic acid and sorbic acid should be checked for any known sensitivities.

How do we work?


We are very proud of our organic skincare brand ambassadors who decided to work with us during their professional work. They chose us because our beneficial organic skincare products work both for their clients’ satisfaction and their own personal well-being.

Contact us today to find out more about becoming a Biola Brand Ambassador!

My name is Adrienn Gomori, managing director of Biola Organics Ltd.

As a devoted fan of natural & organic cosmetics I founded an Irish company with the desire to help people find their way to natural skin care.

My endless love for organic cosmetics will never allow me to use but the gentlest cosmetics. That is why I ceaselessly believe in healthy body and beauty care. We strive to support your skin being treated in a natural way.

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Katalin has been uninterruptedly a beauty professional for nearly 25 years. She has got a Level 6 degree in Professional Beauty and Skin Care; she has also been trained to become the Biola Professional Trainer in Ireland. In her salon you can choose from a huge variety of treatments like grand facials for all skin types including sensitive skin care, deep pore cleansing, waxing, eye treatment, electro facials. Even gents can find gentle facials and enjoy waxing in Malahide, Co. Dublin.

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