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Anita, Massage Therapist, Sanctuary Massage Clinique, Dublin www.sanctuarymassage.eu

Tel: 086 855 4122

I have been working as a massage therapist for 16 years. During this time I met and also used numerous massage oils and creams. Biola brought a quality upgrade in several fields of my life. After I changed massage oil supplier, every day is an adventure for me in knowing that I can offer a product family for my clients which serves all their needs. Apart from this, I receive incredibly positive feedbacks from my clients day by day. I also consider it important what quality, energy and scent a professional product has that I am working with during an 8 to 10 hours working day. When using Biola massage oils basically I feel like in seventh heaven and swim in a whiff of scents and my hands feel heavenly good materials. My first oil was calendula massage oil, the purest oil I have ever met in my life. It brought sweeping changes in my eczema-affected life; this is what I had been struggling with for over 15 years. To be honest, I haven’t seen or used any massage oil that would have been such a great help to me. Following that, it was beyond all questions that I will have a go with all available Biola oils. It is a kind of adventure again and again to try the latest research achievements designed and made by Viola (Head of the Research Development).

I also consider my fabulous and continuous interactive contact with Adrienn, director of the Biola Organics and by keeping contact to her I have an indirect contact with the manufacturer as well. These two ladies are so enthusiastic, flexible and skilled experts as if they were the mothers of all their products. This is exactly why they are good parents assuming liability for their „kids”! I simply adore that I can give a feedback any time, I may pose questions any time and if I had a request, they can implement minor changes during the manufacturing process.

During my entire career I consider this choice as the best decision I have ever made to opt for Biola and my faith to Adrienn.

Once you decide to work with Biola, be careful, it might as well be ‘addictive’. These are only the massage oils but if you get the chance to get to know the rest of the wonderful products, you will be definitely amazed…

Starter Package:

  1. Calendula Oil – the purest oil; suitable even for the problematic and inflammation-prone skin, Heaven for hands
  2. Tropical Body Butter – it can be mixed with oils; suitable for legs and feet – smooth to the touch, gentle fragrance
  3. Sport Cream – to relief pain in muscles and over the joints; it may reduce inflammation; gentle but very effective; amazing scent
  4. Herbavital-D Massage Oil – applicable on face and body – gentle fragrance
  5. Magnolia Massage Oil – for pampering the decolletage

Advance Package:

  1. Vetiver-Ylang-Ylang Massage Oil
  2. Jasmine-Ylang-Ylang Massage Oil
  3. Organic Sage Massage Oil – Sage can contribute to the natural detoxifying processes of the body – highly recommended as a supplementary oil to Reiki treatments
  4. Egle Massage Cream – lots of anti-inflammatory agents may help your Clients to relax during the massage
  5. Organic Herbal Age Defence Massage Oil
Face pampering – a touch of luxury when finishing a massage session:
  • Organic Jasmine-Evening Primrose A.A. Massage Oil

Katalin, Biola Skin Care Expert, Beauty Therapist, Kata Beauty Studio, Malahide

Tel: 086 736 2919

My guests are grateful for the products since they work. They have no more tight skin feeling; the skin is replenished and even smaller portions are sufficient for the daily skin care. The ingredients allow free skin breathing by not blocking the pores.

Very competitive prices make the brand available for more customers. The brand has proved that using natural and organic products does not necessarily mean higher enduser prices.

The skin self-detoxifying processes are activated even after the first try.

Aniko, Beauty Therapist, The Beauty Factory, www.thebeautyfactory.ie; Tel: 087 784 98 65

Finally I have found effective and long-lasting products which have immediate and spectacular results right after the treatments. I adore the products.

The products represent exceptionally high quality; each and every product is based on scientific research; they have been tested for years and have been proving their beneficial effects ever since.

After I decided to change to Biola, the number of facials in my beauty salon has been continuously rising – mainly due to the immeditely visible results.

I receive regular and thorough professional support without which I couldn’t expand my business as fast as it is going on now.

For running a beauty salon it is inevitably necessary to have chosen high quality products for the sake of my and my customers’ safety and well-being.

The full range of products I have been using give me self-confidence day by day. I am also aware that I can fully trust them; they do what they promise and what’s written on the package. A rare case in the market!

I have already tried several big brands during my career and I know from my own experience it is very difficult to find this high quality and reliable professional products.

The products of the natural and organic facial treatments are fully compatible with each other; they can be extended or substituted by using a more specific products for the given skin type and skin condition.

I know that the substances and ingredients work with no harm on skin but more and more repeat customers tell me about their satisfaction. It is my satisfaction, a highly recommended brand name.

Susan, Beauty Therapist, Agnes Massage and Beauty, Tullamore Tel: 085 777 9632

My hands suffered from eczema and I was searching for finding a brand with natural ingredients.

I love the natural, fresh and decent fragrances of the products. Fragrances do play an important role in my work since they are there all the time. By the end of the day my nose is not filled with any either artificial or fulsome fragrances.

A huge advantage is that you can reach visible results even after the very first facial treatment.

Testimonials by Non-professionals: Darryl

‘I’ve had problem skin since I was 11yrs old, and Biola completely transformed my skin after the first use. I’ll never go back to high street products again. I started using Biola after seeing it at a beauty show and was impressed to find a product with such a high gradient of organic ingredients available in Ireland. Honestly, its like a magic potion! Highly recommended!’